Magical Self Care Tarot

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Tarot is a centuries-old tool used for divination, advice, play, and so much more, including self-care. Join tarot card reader and teacher Leah Vanderveldt to uncover how the cards can go beyond predicting a likely outcome based on the current energy. The Magical Self-Care Tarot deck is an invitation to connect with your highest and best interest. Each card holds understanding, solutions, and healing tools for mind, body, and spirit, offering something constructive and helpful to focus on. In the guidebook, along with upright and reversed meanings, you will find a self-care action, an associated keyword, a spell, and an astrological association and modality explanation for each card. With spreads for energetic support, reparenting, clarity, and elemental and inspired action, discover how to use the tarot for self-care. 

Includes 78 cards and a 64 page illustrated book

Height 17cm
Width 14cm

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