Fix and Fogg

Fix & Fogg Cookie Time Cookie Crunch 265g

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An irresistible combination of crushed Cookie Time® cookies and creamy Fix & Fogg peanut butter. Every bite is the perfect balance of crunchy, creamy and chocolatey goodness.  And best of all, as always, it’s 100% vegan friendly, palm oil free and non-GMO!

Wondering how to use this brand new nut butter? We’ve got a wide range of mouthwatering FREE recipes you can use!

Stuff it in your pancakes, scoop it generously in your thickshakes, drizzle it over your ice cream, or, let's be honest, simply scoop it straight from the jar - you deserve it!
 It's a cookie jar, just for you!

Peanuts, sugar, Cookie Crunch pieces [Wheat, flour, vegetable oil spread (Soy), dark chocolate (Soy), sugar, brown sugar, glucose syrup, modified rice starch (1414), cocoa, salt, natural flavour, raising agent (500)], vegetable oil, cocoa, maize starch, natural vanilla flavour, sea salt.



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