JS Ceramics Oil Burner Pink Sand

JS ceramics is a little studio in rural Te Puna, (Tauranga) New Zealand. They hand make small runs of mid-fired ceramics, using a slip-casting production process.

Starting out as pure white New Zealand (slip) clay, JS Ceramics incorporate oxides, stains and foraged black sand to add texture and create their own oatmeal, pink sand and sage clay bodies.

Their aim is to craft handmade items that make everyday rituals more special and intentional. 

Handmade earthenware oil burner, half-dipped with transparent glaze on on sandy pink clay. The clay is tinted pink with oxides and speckled with locally foraged sand. Removable top dish, designed for use with essential oils (with a little water) or wax melts. 

Height 11cm
Width 11cm
Made in NZ

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