Tippl Topper Espresso Salted Caramel

Impress all your posh friends with a fancy cocktail topper. . . tippl toppers add texture, flavour and an extra dimension to your drinks . . . go on, sprinkle it about like fairy dust.

Sprinkle me on cocktails, press me on your glass rim, shake me on your ice cream, dust me on your espresso, the options are endless. Hawke's Bay's finest 'Firsthand' ground coffee beans shimmy up with caramelised sugar, a little of that fancy pink salt and toffee crunch to help make your espresso martini the fanciest on the block.

Espresso + Salted Caramel tippl topper goes well with a darn good espresso martini (or on top of your favourite vanilla ice cream.

Glass jar measures 
Height 5cm
Diameter 8.5cm

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