Wiki Skincare Cacao Facial Exfoliant

An indulgent sweet citrus facial scrub for sensitive skin.

  • Cacao contains mood-elevating stimulants that promote feelings of well-being and relaxation, keeping the mind and body youthful. Antioxidant flavonoids in cacao protect against free radicals.
  • Organic Raw Sugar draws moisture into the skin helping to hydrate. Used as a mild exfoliant to encourage cell turn over, revealing a fresher, more youthful complexion.
  • Organic Calendula, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties cleanses dry and irritated skin, add moisturise, helps to brighten skin and protect from blemishes.

200g oz ACTIVE Ingredients: Organic raw Sugar, Organic Cacao (nibs and husks), Organic Calendula (infused NZ Olive) oil. Therapeutic essential oils of Mandarin 
and Carrot seed.

Made in Brooklyn, Wellington. New Zealand

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