Wiki Skincare Beard Oil

Soften and calm your man mane with hazelnut enriched Beard oil. Hand crafted to cleanse skin underneath and encourage a positive balance with therapeutic essential oils. Specifically formulated for men, lightweight and mild aroma.


Hazelnut oil has a light, slightly sweet, nutty aroma, helps to condition and calm hair strands. Is light and easily absorbed. Penetrates the skin easily and does not leave an oily residue behind.

Black Cumin seed oil, helps to encourage hair growth by penetrating deep into hair cells. Reduce inflammation, flakiness, and sensitivity. Improve skin tone.

Organic golden Jojoba oil helps cells reserve and retain moisture, which is vital for healthy beard growth.

Application: Beard oil should be applied first thing in the morning after showering or cleansing. Rub the oil into your hand, then massage it throughout your beard. If your beard is longer, use a comb to make sure the product coats every hair and moisturizes your skin. Patch test first.

*2 months supply, premium plastic safety bottle with non spill plug. Once opened this Beard oil is best used within 6 months. Store in a cool, dark place. This will maintain and extent shelf life for a little longer. Please recycle, remove cap first.


50ml / 2 fl oz ACTIVE ingredients: Organic Hazelnut oil, Organic golden Jojoba oil, Black Cumin seed oil. Therapeutic essential oils of: Frankincense, Orange and German Chamomile.




Made in Brooklyn, Wellington.

New Zealand.

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