Moomin Comic Strip Book Volume Three

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The Moomins are a tight-knit family of hippo-shaped creatures with easygoing and adventurous outlooks. Tove Jansson's art is pared down and precise, yet able to compose beautiful portraits of ambling creatures in fields of flowers or on rock-strewn beaches that recall Jansson's Nordic roots. Whimsical but with biting undertones, Jansson's observations of everyday life, including guests who overstay their welcome, modern art, movie stars, and high society, easily caught the attention of an international audience and still resonate today. 

This third volume returns to Moominvalley, where its beloved inhabitants get tangled up in five new stories. Moomin falls in love with a damsel in distress, an unseasonably warm spell turns the valley into a tropical rainforest, and a flying saucer crashes into Moominmamma's garden. 

Hardback, 108 pages. Black and white comic strips

Height 31cm
Width 22cm

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