Misery Guts Height Chart Land of the Long White Cloud

For kids who know, life’s a climb, but the view is great!


Proudly made in New Zealand by big climbers, for little climbers.


This height chart is perfect for little kiwis living on the Land of the Long White Cloud or abroad.


Starting with a pair of little kiwi campers roasting marshmallows, as you move on up the long white cloud you’ll explore more of New Zealand and the things that make our land unique. There’s so many hidden treasures, your little humans will be forever discovering.


These Height Charts are designed to be a lifelong keepsake, a forever memory of the journey upwards of little humans everywhere.


Comes packages in a brown cardboard tube to protect it from the elements, perfect for posting, or just add a bow and you’re done! We also recommend you hold onto the tube and once you’ve reached the moon, pack it away for the 21st birthday.


200gsm paper 


Height 100cm
Width 25cm

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