Libertine Blends Loose Leaf Tea 20g Kapow

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This is a bold and warming blend with native kawakawa and chilli leading with a punchy, peppery flavour. The blend is balanced by the freshness of lemongrass and the rounded sweet finish of fragrant cardamom. Sometimes described as a New Zealand chai, this blend combines herbs to strengthen digestion and help improve circulation. Antibacterial and antiviral properties help sustain good health. 

A wonderful blend in the morning for a caffeine-free boost to your day, and after a meal to support digestion. Infuse a strong cup when you are feeling a chill, to ease a sore throat or need an energising pick me up. This is the blend to travel with, to drink on flights to support digestion when you can’t easily stretch and move your body and to ward off plane-flu.

Packet size 20 grams

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